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Welcome to Piteba

We distinguish ourselves with in house production of nutcrackers, oil presses and wine racks, with unique functional design.

Quality by simplicity
Functional unique design
In-house production

Oil expeller
The PITEBA oil press (expeller) is manually operated. The press has been developed for oil seeds and nuts, such as walnuts, coconuts, sunflower seed, sesame, groundnuts and many other oil seeds. All seeds and nuts with more than 25% oil can be processed with the standard equipment. Despite the slight heating with a small burner the oil can still be considered as cold pressed. The clean oil clarifies in a few days and can then be decanted. No need for filtration. The standard press can also be used to produce a nut paste such as peanutbutter and marzipan. The website contains useful tips concerning soap making, floating candles, different methods of mounting of the press etc.

A rapid and manually operated nutcracker has been developed to facilitate the users of the PITEBA press to produce walnut oil. This nut cracker is also very suitable to crack almonds, hazelnuts and argane prior to oil pressing. The seeds inside the nuts may break. This will not impede the oil extraction and may, in fact, be an advantage.